Product Description

The Biorhythm is a tested, accurate, and powerful tool to help guide you on your life's path.


  • Physical - strength, coordination, and well being.
  • Emotional - sensitivity, mood, creativity, awareness, and perception.
  • Intellectual - logical and analytical thinking, alertness, memory, and communication.
  • Passion - motivation to act on decisions along with the drive that allows you to continue a difficult pursuit.
  • Mastery - ability to succeed at tasks, so as to obtain what you desire.
  • Wisdom - combination of both your emotional and intellectual cycles.
  • Intuition - intuition or sixth sense and is positively influenced by your harmony and relaxation cycles.
  • Harmony - how you feel about yourself and the environment around you.
  • Relaxation - inner stability and relaxed attitude.
  • Balance - the sum of the primary cycles between two people.
  • Romance - the daily compatibility level between you and your mate.
  • Teamwork - performance capability and compatibility between two people.

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